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Travel Insurance

When you travel across Canada or abroad, all the benefits of your provincial health care plan do not necessarily cover you. Gold Key Insurance will give you the protection you need if you require medical assistance while you are travelling. Travel insurance also protects you against losses due to theft or flight delays.

You should consider getting Travel Insurance if:

  • You have coverage under a provincial government health insurance plan.
  • You are a Canadian and you are travelling as a tourist or on business outside your home province
  • You are a Canadian and you are travelling outside the country

Advantages of Travel Insurance:

  • Get up to $5,000,000 in coverage for Hospital and Medical expenses.
  • Get access to emergency assistance in multiple languages at any time of the day or night
  • Get assistance when travel documents are lost or stolen
  • Get great rates if you are a frequent flyer with multi-trip plans
  • Get the best value with all inclusive plans

Visitors To Canada Plan: 

Gold Key visitor insurance plans can offer great coverage for medical emergencies for visitors to Canada, students and persons without government health insurance coverage.

Each plan is supported by a global network of coordinators that can help provide assistance to travellers in their own language should a medical emergency occur. Simply call a toll-free number 24/7 to get assistance and care you need.

Travel Cancellation / Interruption Insurance

Gold Key Travel Insurance will protect you if something unexpected happens before your trip or during your travels. May be you have to cancel your trip due to a family emergency, or a medical emergency, or may be you suddenly find your self in a financial difficulty – you can’t plan for all unexpected surprises life throughs us. Travel cancellation or interruption insurance is there for you in times when you are forced to call off, change, or even interrupt a well–planned trip.

Why Use An Insurance Broker :  
Gold Key Insurance is an Insurance Broker with access to Canada’s top insurance companies. We can get you the best rates available in Alberta for the type of insurance you need. Our trained brokers can help you find the right policies and help you when you need to make a claim.